Sunday, January 6, 2013

Keziah Marketing Inc.


Keziah Marketing Inc, is a local Filipino Company established by a group of highly experienced and accomplished men and women. Its primary business purpose is to market various quality consumer products fror distribution in and outside the Philippines. Its major thrust  is to provide the best income opportunities to people who want to succeed.

The name "Keziah" was derived from the Bible. She was the fairest daughter, who was known for her patience, determination, unshaken by the trials and challenges and showed unwavering faith to the Lord.

"Keziah" to signify beauty... in all our products and services and a company embodying Job's character.

To be the premiere Filipino company known for providing quality consumer products and excellent services geared towards  the fulfillment of customer delight.

We commit to provide quality consumer products and excellent marketing services through a dynamic, highly motivated and professional sales force supported by a competent, dedicated and God-fearing corporate team that will bring about improved quality of life of all its stakeholders while ensuring stability, profitability, and continuous growth of the company.

  • Excellence
  • Genuine concern for people
  • Inegrity
  • Faith and trust to God Almighty
  • Teamwork
  • Sense of Responsibility

Keziah Products

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Keziah Catalog

Keziah Products

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Keziah Catalog

Keziah Matrix Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Keziah Matrix Fabric Conditioner

Keziah Matrix Power Wash

Keziah Matrix Dishwashing Liquid

Keziah Matrix Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Keziah Matrix Air Fragrance with Disinfectant

Keziah Matrix Surface Protector

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